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Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

  • Do I need therapy?
    Everyone faces difficult challenges at various points in their life. Changing a job, getting married or divorced, starting a family, experiencing the loss of a loved one, and relocating are just a few common life stressors that can be hard to overcome. Seeking support when you feel overwhelmed and stressed is an investment in your emotional health and in the health of your relationships. Whether you need support overcoming a challenge in the past or you’re ready to begin a new chapter, we’re eager to help.
  • Is it confidential?
    The best outcomes in therapy occur when you feel emotionally safe with your trusted therapist. Federal and state laws require that your therapist maintain confidentiality of what is discussed during therapy. There are a few exceptions to these laws that aim to ensure your safety and the safety of others: Suspected child or elder abuse or neglect Suspected harm to you or to another person To support reimbursement of services through your healthcare plan, if you elect to use your benefits When court ordered to testify A full outline of your rights as a client, our duties as healthcare professionals, and all exceptions to confidentiality may be reviewed in our Privacy Notice. Please contact our office today to request a copy and to learn more, 540-523-8099.
  • I’ve experienced a traumatic event. Can you help?
    Yes! All of our therapists are trained in trauma informed care. Contact our office today at 540-523-8099 to learn more about therapists who specialize in trauma-focused treatment modalities.
  • How much does it cost?
    Therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 45-60 mins. Due to the comprehensive nature of intakes, these appointments may extend beyond 60 mins. Therapy Intakes: LPC/LCSW/LMFT - $180 Therapy Sessions: LPC/LCSW/LMFT - $155 If you are electing to use your healthcare benefits, contact our office to inquire about your deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance fees.
  • Do you accept my insurance?
    Your healthcare plan may provide coverage for behavioral health services, including psychotherapy. Lifebridge Counseling accepts most commercial plans and Medicaid MCOs. However, it is important to understand that your therapist is required to provide personal healthcare information including but not limited to a mental health diagnosis and information to substantiate medical necessity for your treatment. Your health insurance carrier has the right to store personal information about your diagnosis and treatment for multiple years and may request to review part or your full medical record at any time. Additionally, records of your mental health diagnosis and treatment may negatively affect your eligibility for future benefits such as but not limited to disability and life insurance. If you elect to use your healthcare insurance, you are giving Lifebridge Counseling permission to file insurance on your behalf.
  • Do you offer tele-health appointments?
    Yes! Tele-health therapy is available state-wide. Contact our office today or request an appointment through our secure Client Portal.
  • I’m a Therapist and am interested in your practice. How do I learn more?
    Lifebridge Counseling is always growing our team! If you are a Virginia Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, or under supervision with a licensed professional please email your resume and cover letter to
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