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School-Based Outpatient Therapy

School-Based Outpatient Therapy is a traditional treatment in a nontraditional treatment setting. Students can receive behavioral-health treatment with minimal disruption of their educational day. Our clinicians work with school personnel so that interruption of core educational classes is kept to a minimum whenever possible. School-Based treatment is especially helpful for students whose parents or guardians are unable to get their children and adolescents to traditional treatment settings, because of employment requirements or transportation difficulties.

What happens
during School-Based Outpatient

Our clinicians possess expertise in identifying and addressing the underlying causes of challenges affecting children and adolescents. They engage with the student and their parent(s) or guardian(s) to assess issues and create a tailored treatment plan. Centered on strengths (of the student, family, and environment), the clinician administers interventions aimed at fostering the student's success in school, at home, and within the community. For optimum effectiveness, active involvement of parents or guardians is encouraged, with their participation in family sessions and maintaining open communication with the clinician.


Attention Deficits


Peer Relationships

Grief & Loss

Alcohol/Substance Abuse

Parent-Child Problems

Personality Disorders

Conduct Disorders



and much more.

Many of our students face challenges that hinder their best performance, stemming from behavioral-health disorders or environmental stressors. These issues often lead to symptoms like sleep and eating problems, concentration difficulties, mood changes, reduced interest in enjoyable activities, trouble following rules, aggression, or academic performance decline. Parents, teachers, and students can recognize when something is amiss, prompting the need for support and intervention.

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